Min Xiao is a Partner at Matrix Partners China. He has been working in software and Internet industry for 10 years.

Previously, Min worked at an enterprise management software company, Justsoft, as Channel Director and Sales Director from 2000 to 2004. At the end of 2004, Min joined Pinyin++ as General Manager, where he did some pioneering work. Min joined Baidu in 2006, working for Baidu Union and Baidu TV. After that, Min began his next major job, joining Tianji Media Group in 2008 as General Manager of the ITCPN business division.

Min understands entrepreneurial spirit and the hardships of start-ups. He enjoys making friends with entrepreneurs.

Min is primarily responsible for Internet, E-commerce, wireless and software sectors.

Min loves long drives and did many long distance journeys himself.


Min Xiao
Beijing office
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Areas of Interest
Internet, Wireless, Software
ITCPN, TMG, General Manager
Website Dept., Baidu, Manager
Pinyin++, General Manager
Hunan School of Administration, Major in Law