Alex Cong joined Matrix Partners China in 2010, and he is responsible for identifying, screening and evaluating investment opportunities, particularly in the Internet, mobile, gaming and O2O sectors.


Previously, he worked for IDG Capital as Investment Manager. Alex was one of the earliest employees of Shanghai Shanda Network Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ: SNDA).


His experience as the CEO of his start-up company gives him deeper understanding of entrepreneurship and makes him more willing to help companies in their strategy, management and talent sourcing efforts.


Alex was born in China and holds a bachelors degree in Economics at Hubei University and an MBA degree from CEIBS (China Europe International Business School).


Alex spends his free time reading (especially history-related) books, swimming and playing computer games.

Alex Cong
Shanghai office
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Areas of Interest
Products and business models that make China’s Internet a more instrumentall and interesting place:
- Internet, mobile, gaming and O2O
Selective investments:
Shanda Network Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: SNDA)
Hubei University
China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)