Ms. Claire Lin has 12 years of Internet and mobile Internet professional experience, and has deep insights into Internet development.


In, she was one of the key original leaders, and was involved with the transition from Richnet to a portal website, and finally to a public company. She was responsible for managing and designing multiple products. After that, she was a principal product design leader at Hurray! Solutions, where she worked as it became a NASDAQ-listed company. Then, she joined 139 Mobile as a product director where she integrated a deep understanding between the Internet and the mobile Internet.

She also co-founded a start-up Web 2.0 company in 2006. This was the first online music social network in China. She enriched her skills from different perspectives and gained valuable respect and understanding within the start-up community.

She is a global travel enthusiast and she's travelled all over the world. She is also interested in squash, skiing, movies, and photo puzzles.

Claire Lin is seeking Internet and related industry investment opportunities.


Claire Lin
Beijing office
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Areas of Interest
Living services, female consumer, o2o, Internet financial services, travel
Product director, (Nasdaq:SINA)
Product director, 139 ChinaMobile Aspire
Senior product manager, Hurray! Solutions (Nasdaq:HRAY)
Tianjin University of Technology