Kevin Xiong joined Matrix Partners China in 2011. He focuses on enterprise service and B2B platform sectors.

Prior to Matrix, Kevin worked in Alibaba as a product manager, where he was responsible for B2B platform membership and Enterprise E-commerce products. Before that, he worked in Tencent as a product manager, was responsible for the online community of

Kevin brings to his portfolio companies ample experience in product management and B2B industry.

He is a backpack travel enthusiast. He is also a super fan of reading, covering history, tech, psychology, sociology and more.e

He is a backpack travelling enthusiast. He is also a fan of music and modern history of China.


Kevin Xiong
Vice President
Beijing office
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Select Investments

Yonghong Tech
Baisu (Zhaosuliao)


Areas of Interest
Enterprise Services, B2B Platform
Alibaba, Product Manager
Tencent, Product Manager

Beihang University
Masters, Telecommunication and Information System,
Bachelors, Telecommunication Engineering
Peking University
Bachelors, Economics