about us


Our partners have a wealth of experience and have worked as investors, entrepreneurs and executives. Some of us have founded and run successful companies. Others have served as senior executives in the high-growth phases of corporations in the Internet, wireless, media, and software sectors.

The team behind Matrix Partners China has been a part of the creation and growth of many influential businesses, including Focus Media, Eachnet, Baidu, iKang, 3g.cn, DivX, Kanghui Medical, P-Cube, AAC Acoustics, and others.

Our current portfolio includes promising companies such as DidiGlobal, eleme, Guazi, Futu, LEXIN, MOMO, Cheetah Mobile, Liepin, VIPKID, Lixiang , Soyoung, ZKH, Ronbaymat, i-Space, TaimeiTech, etc.(Learn more about our portfolio here.)

We have been active investors in both good times and bad times. We know that the most successful companies must be built on a strong foundation in order to endure and thrive in any market conditions. We have worked with many companies and have developed an understanding of where mistakes can be made and how strong companies are constructed. The business lessons we have learned have honed our judgment so that we can help you shortcut challenges and maximize your chances for success.


Our resources, insight and experience run deep. We can help entrepreneurs in a variety of ways.

We can help you build a strong team. We often start working with entrepreneurs at the idea stage when there are only one or two founders. Our experience in recruiting VP-level and C-level executives enables us to help you identify, interview and persuade the top talent to join your venture. We put a great deal of effort into fostering our networks so you can put together the most powerful team possible.

We can help you refine your strategy. We enjoy brainstorming with entrepreneurs and assisting them with refining their product, go-to-market and financial strategies. Should outside forces require you to reassess your game plan, we will work with you to determine the best course of action.

We can connect you to critical resources. We maintain an extensive global network of entrepreneurs and executives across multiple industries in China, as well as in Silicon Valley, Boston, New York, and Mumbai. Our domain expertise and contacts within the ecosystem in which your business operates can help you in a number of ways, including validating or refining your product or service, establishing meaningful strategic partnerships and connecting with potential customers, investors, acquirers and advisors.

We can help you reach a successful liquidity event. A significant amount of value can be gained or lost in a public offering or acquisition, depending on timing and how the process is handled. We often act as the principal advisor to our companies in M&A negotiations, and have senior-level relationships at the most important investment banking firms. Our experience with such transactions and our industry contacts can help you achieve the outcome that is most beneficial to you, your company and your employees.


We have one agenda, and that is to help you build a truly great company. Your success is our success. We know that mutual trust is critical, and we are committed to being honest and direct in all of our dealings with you.