Charles Han is an analyst at Matrix China. He is responsible for the discovering, analyzing and evaluating companies in the healthcare industry.

Charles Han graduated from Sun Yat-sen University and obtained his Ph.D. degree in the major of Pharmacology. During his Ph.D. life, he focused on the research of neurodegenerative disease, especially on the signal transduction pathways of the disease. He was also engaged in pharmacology research of new drug development projects, as well as several projects of dosage form research.

Charles Han has internship experience in McKinsey & Company, E Fund Management and Guotai Junan Securities. He was responsible for the research of A share listed pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

Charles Han enjoys volleyball, badminton, swimming and skiing.

Charles Han
Beijing office
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Areas of Interest
Including medical device, medical equipment, new drug, IT.
B.S. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) Sun Yat-sen University
Ph.D. (Pharmacology) Sun Yat-sen University