about us

Matrix Partners China is committed to building long-term relationships with outstanding entrepreneurs and helping them build significant, industry-leading companies.

Affiliated with Matrix Partners, a premier U.S. venture capital firm, Matrix Partners China was founded in 2008 to focus exclusively on investments in China.

Since its inception in 1977, Matrix Partners has made hundreds of investments and played an active role in the development of many successful businesses, 50 of which went on to IPO, and 75 of which have gone on to profitable M&A events. The firm consistently ranks in the top venture firms in terms of returns to its investors.

Matrix Partners China combines local knowledge with global experience and vision. Our team consists of both former entrepreneurs and experienced investors. Our past successes include DidiGlobal, eleme, Guazi, Futu, LEXIN, MOMO, Xpeng, Liepin, PingCap, Li Auto , Soyoung, ZKH, Ronbaymat, i-Space, TaimeiTech, etc. among others. We invest across multiple sectors and stages.